1:1 Intensive Microblading Class

1:1 Intensive Microblading Class

1:1 Intensive Microblading Class
Intensive 1:1 Training - One Day Training for $1250 + Unlimited After Training Support in Person or Over the Phone. Basic Training is a one day training. Kit is not included in the price. However we will provide couple Microblaiding Blades, few practice skins and practice ink. On the day of the training the instructor will provide you with Booklet. For our Spanish speaking students, Spanish translated training materials are available upon request. (El material de formación en español está disponible bajo petición) Disposable blade. How to do different Microblading strokes & techniques. What is Golden ratio. How to do measure and shape the eyebrows for Microblading & techniques. Client consent forms. Client consultation forms. After care forms. 2 hour Bloodborne Pathogen & Communicable Diseases Course. State of Florida Tattoo Artist License Forms. Practice strokes on demo skins. Training completion test. Training completion certificate. Links to buy the supplies. Ready to go forms filled for tattoo artist license. Kit can be purchased for $250

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